Amazing Deal!! It’s on sale today on Amazon so grab it before the deal is gone.

I cannot believe that Lessons in Corruption is on sale for $0.99! I love this book and you will to if you like a beautiful love story amidst a gritty MC world. This is not your typical romance. It’s a taboo teacher/student romance with the heroine as the teacher.

I highly recommend this book. Such a beautiful love story! The characters were so well developed and beautifully complex. I love this book! The author’s voice is terrific and the writing was extraordinary. I don’t know if she wrote the poems but they made my heart hurt. I fell in love with King! Can’t wait for Zeus’ story. I may have voluntarily reviewed an ARC but I am going to buy this book because I will read it again and again.

He was eighteen. The heir to a notorious, criminal MC. And my student. There was no way I could get involved. No way I could stay involved. Then, no way I could get out alive.

King was mature beyond his years having lived in the sphere of MC his father was President of. Cressida was sheltered and a good girl. Her parents dictated her decisions and life choices including who her husband would be. Then her husband took over and she rarely went against his decisions about her life. She finally grew up and rebelled. She took a teaching job away from her husband and family. Then King became her student. He proceeded to turn her world upside down and educate her on the darker side of life.

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