LIVE NOW!!! My San Francisco Highlander by Aleigha Siron

by Aleigha Siron

Finding My Highlander, #2

Publication Date: August 23, 2017

Genres: Adult, Time Travel, Contemporary, Historical, Scottish, Standalone, Romance

A love three hundred years in the making…Grab your copy of MY SAN FRANCISCO HIGHLANDER by @aleighasiron!


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A love three hundred years in the making — After being knocked out in battle, Angus Cameron wakes in a terrifying new world with flying beasts, horseless carriages, crazy music, and strangely dressed people. Has he gone mad? When Angel Adair discovers a man in 1975’s San Francisco Lands End park dressed in little more than a Scottish kilt, is he just a confused drifter or her dream-lover come to life?



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My San Francisco Highlander is Aleigha’s second full-length romance novel in her Finding My Highland Series. Now, an Amazon best-selling author of Time-Travel romance, she is working on the third book in her Finding My Highlander Series as well as a collection of romance poems. She’s also working on early character sheets for a Regency Romance series.


After more than twenty-five years writing and delivering management and other training programs, Aleigha Siron turned her writing efforts to fiction and poetry. When not writing, you’ll often find Aleigha walking along the shore with her trusty four-legged companion, Strider. The whoosh of waves across glistening sand and the turbulent swell of the sea at sunset dissolves the noise of the day. If this fails to conjure the muses and stimulate her creative juices, she’ll sip a glass of wine and read.


Aleigha loves all forms of writing, but historical and romance fiction provide a favorite escape, especially those with time-travel themes. A firm believer that everyone secretly yearns for the romance novels’ essential HEA, she knew this was her genre.








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Radiant waves of heat wafted off his solid chest. He reached one arm out of the sleeping bag and placed a hand on her hip. She wanted to snuggle tightly against his body but waited for him to make the next move. She didn’t wait long.

His hand moved over her until his fingers threaded through her hair. “Your hair always smells of wildflowers.” He kissed her hair, her temple, and then latched onto her lips. No hesitancy remained. His hand pushed down the covering and pushed her sweater up and over her head. Shaking fingers fiddled with the clasp on her bra until finally, it too fell away from her body. He pulled back and studied her, his eyes hot with desire. “You are magnificent. I’ve tried to wait, to be the hon…”

She pressed her fingers to his lips. “Do not. If you say that word tonight, I’m going to leave you in this wilderness and never speak to you again. Maybe you’d make that bear a fine breakfast.” She couldn’t suppress the bite that tinged her humorous remark. A bark of laughter rolled through him and off his lips. Sensibly, he did not continue that statement. Instead, he pressed into her, all heat and need and urgent hands and mouth.

“Ahh, my Angel, my beautiful lass. You are a miracle of delights.”

His tongue tangled with hers, his hands seemed everywhere at once. She lifted one leg over his hip and rubbed her mons against his long length. Sharp tingling sensation tightened internal muscles in anticipation. They explored with rapacious urgency using tongues to touch and mouths to suckle. Angel exploded the moment a long, thick finger entered her, and his thumb pressed against the bundle of nerves hidden there. She dug her nails into his shoulders and soared.

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