★★NEW RELEASE + KINDLE UNLIMITED★★ Dr. Fellatio by Author Stella is LIVE KindleUnlimited + My Review

Title: Dr. Fellatio
Author: Stella
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: July 30, 2018
Women hire me, pay me an exorbitant amount of money, to teach them the art of…oral stimulation. I’m what people have referred to as a “professional blower.” 

In college, it was a great way to make money, needing the extra cash to get me through school. By the time I graduated, I saw the potential to earn more than my degree would ever be able to offer me. 

I had a good run…until my ex’s new girlfriend hired me to teach her how to please him. 

Or so I thought.

“Stella has done it again! Just when you think there is no way she can outshine her last book, SHE DOES! An absolute, must read!” Cheryl Roberts, Goodreads

“You have phenomenal writing that sets up so many awkward moments. From page one to the end you have a stellar five star read.” Red Hatter Book Blog

Wonderful writing propels this is a cute entertaining second chance romance with lots of laughs and terrific characters. Chris is a fabulous hunk with his heart in the right place and his heart is with his college sweetheart, Lexi. His cross country move to win her back is swoon worthy. His driving companion/temporary roomie CeeCee is a fun character but causes a few problems for Chris with Lexi. Stella is a smart self-assured doctor with a speciality that’s a little different. Her love for Chris is still there but she has concerns. These two have amazing chemistry and a great connection but blame each other for the breakup. Carl and Jasmine along with CeeCee offer hilarious help in trying to get our couple back together. Some of the secondary characters actions are a little over the top but overall this is a fun sexy read with lots of laughs.

Best Selling Authors Leddy Harper and Stephie Walls met on a street corner in Savannah, Georgia in 2015, where they quickly formed a bond over book boyfriends and cheap wine. 
After discovering the two best friends shared a brain, their alter ego, Stella was born. After all, when you put two romance authors together…you’re gonna get something Stella!

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