★★ AVAILABLE NOW + KINDLE UNLIMITED★★ #OneClick Volition: Noah & Tessa’s Story Book One (A Uniform & Lace Romance) by Tina Maurine today! #KindleUnlimited + My Review

Title: Volition: Noah & Tessa’s Story Book One 
Series: A Uniform & Lace Series
Author: Tina Maurine
Genre: Military Romance
Publication Date: June 5, 2018

Freshly divorced, Navy aircraft electrician Tessa Christy is ready to embrace her newfound freedom on her six month deployment to Iceland. While working toward a coveted promotion, Tess breaks the tedium by rocking the single life: making new friends, partying, and hooking up with a hot guy or two.

The last thing Tess wants or expects is to meet someone… irresistible. Unattainable and unavailable, Noah Garren’s past and present conspire to keep a promising love trapped in anger, misunderstanding–and undeniable lust.

What’s a girl to do when she can’t hang on… but her heart refuses to let go.

Warning: This erotic cliffhanger romance contains explicit sex scenes and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Wow! The prologue set the stage for this debut book with a military theme and sexy characters. Nicely written with an interesting Navy culture and location details along with the wonderful characters, main and secondary. Tessa had a strict upbringing with dictated some of her wilder actions when she had a chance to let loose. She joins the Navy to “fly” and move away from her family difficulties. She meets Ren on her last night at home and they have instant chemistry and hook up. Then it’s off to foreign locales for her Navy life. After a few years she’s lands in Iceland and encounters the mysterious Noah, who turns out to be Ren. They still have chemistry and renew their connection but there’s some drama attached to Noah/Ren. Can they work through it? This is one steamy couple. Tessa and Noah are likable characters as well as some of the secondary characters. Of course, there are a few baddies thrown in to keep it entertaining. This is a quick easy read that’s relatively error free. I look forward to the new installment.

Tina Maurine is the gal on the sidelines at the party. The gal who smiles at everyone, but rarely initiates conversation; never the center of attention, but always taking notes on those who are. She loves watching people, their authentic responses to everyday occurrences and in turn has turned years of notes into fodder for her stories, an encyclopedia of emotions and character traits that come alive on the page. She never feels more alive than when she is creating; be it stories, music, graphic art, or painting rocks and canvases with her daughter.

She is a wife, mom, best friend, secretary, teacher, cheerleader, house-straightener, chef, chauffer, video game playing, Barbie doll dressing domestic multi-tasker. She likes her French baguettes crispy, her beer dark, and her chocolate even darker. 

Her music tastes are eclectic, but if there’s a beat, you can bet her body is moving to it… even in the car… and the louder the better.

Tina Maurine lives in Oregon with her amazing husband of twelve years, and their two beautiful children. Prior to marriage and children, she served eight years in the United States Navy and saw the world. She and her husband share their love for travel with their kids, and take as many family trips as their busy schedules allow. When they aren’t hitting the road or the skies, and when she isn’t teaching, Tina is content to sit at the table in their backyard with her keyboard or a good, sexy book, and watch the kiddos play.

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