★★ON TOUR + GIVEAWAY★★ Perfect by Author Fen Wilde is available now + My Review

Title: Perfect
Author: Fen Wilde
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: August 31, 2018

Ada Cosgrove is irritatingly perfect.
Gorgeous, clever, and the editor of the sexiest magazine on the racks, she works hard, follows the rules, and wins at everything she turns her hand to.
Except love.
Ben Farris is a rival editor—as laid back as he is loyal. When they’re alone, their chemistry is off the charts. But he’s the one person Ada can’t afford to fall for. Doing so would tear her perfect image to shreds—not to mention her family.
But when her carefully concealed past catches up with her, Ben might be the only person who can save her…
A dark, sexy, romantic thriller with a dash of taboo.

A moody romance suspense with intriguing characters that’s an interesting read. Elevated family drama and complicated dynamics played into the suspense of the story. I loved Ben right from the beginning and he didn’t drop off for the entire story. He was sexy and protective and patient and just wonderful. Ada was on and off for me. Her goal of perfection was a little excessive. At times it was awe inspiring and sometimes it was just too much. I vacillate between really liking her and wanted to slap her for her silliness. How could she do that to Ben? There were some really steamy scenes between these two. They sizzled! The mystery was a slow simmer until it ratcheted up to the reveal. The twist of the bad guy was great and I didn’t see it coming. The story was told in lots of flashbacks that was a little off putting for me and broke up the story too much. The character development was terrific. You knew who these people were and what made them tick. This is my first read by this author and overall I like it.

Fen Wilde writes gritty romantic suspense novels exploring the darker elements in our lives.
She is a qualified social worker and works part-time as a mental health clinician for young people, and also as a private clinical consultant.

She is particularly interested in the complex things that drive us toward or keep us out of connection with each other: how fragile, how beautiful, how flawed we all are. 

Fen lives in Melbourne, Australia with her partner, two children, and Burmese cat. She is happiest with a project on her desk, some caramel slice in the fridge, and a great long list of things to do.


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