✰✰ NEW RELEASE ✰✰ How To Say I Love You (Olive Street Series #1) by Amanda Scheirer is available now! + My Review

Title: How To Say I Love You
Series: Olive Street Series
Author: Amanda Scheirer
Genre: NA/Women’s Fiction
Release Date:
It’s been seven years since Nessa last saw the unattainable love of her life. George was the older, mysterious boy next door who left home before Nessa was even out of her teenage years. Yet now he appears nightly in Nessa’s dreams proclaiming his love for her in romantic foreign cities. But George couldn’t actually be in love with Nessa, could he? On the verge of a quarter-life crisis, Nessa is ready to find out that answer. So she sets out to find George using her dreams as the road map. Enlisting her cousin/best friend Sami to go along with her, the two women embark on a European adventure that will test their hearts, friendship, and their own beliefs in fate.

❤️ I have so many hearts for this story. I’m not a cryer and avoid overly angsty, emotional wrought stories because life is too short for tears. But the truth is, tears are unavoidable if you really live. I am so glad I lived in this story right along with these fabulous characters. From the optimistically smitten Nessa to the anything goes Sami to the heartthrob George and lastly, the swoon-worthy Aaron. This story twisted my heart and I actually teared up when “The End” appeared because this story is so beautiful and pull emotions from me in the best way. It’s rare that I find a story so impactful that I am happy to shed a few tears. The writing was exquisite and I loved the journey of Nessa and Sami. It was filled with laughter and adventure and above all love. The colors popped, the sounds were foreign and the smells were of love. It was beautifully heartwarming and uplifting and charming and ultimately heartbreaking. But that’s life under the big top. It took a few chapters for me to get into the story but once I found its groove I was there until the end. So caught up in this fantastic journey of these two young women as they chase Nessa’s dreams across the ocean. I will remember this story for a long time and will revisit these new friends on their adventure of a lifetime. The author created a masterpiece of life long love and mystical fate. This is escapism at its best and that’s why I love to read. Amanda Scheirer, if all your stories are like this one I will devour them. Just terrific!

Amanda is a brand new author with this being her first foray into the world of novel writing. Having spent the past ten years as a playwright, she is ready to bring her characters off of the stage, on to the page and into your hands.
Holding a Masters of Philosophy in Theatre and Performance with a focus on playwriting from Trinity College Dublin, Amanda’s work has been published and produced both in the United States and Internationally.
Traveling the world and working in the entertainment industry has gifted her with quite the collection of adventurous, provocative, funny and outrageous stories to share. But more than anything she writes about real women with real bodies, real flaws, real dreams and real loves.
Her writing, like herself, will always contain quippy humor, heart, feminism, music lyrics, pop culture references and of course…coffee.

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