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The Entitled_goodreads
People say you can’t find your soulmate at eight years old.
I did.
I found Reed and loved him more than I loved myself.
We were young…beautiful…entitled.
Money and private schools, our families’ lavish parties and posh New York City apartments-it was all mere window dressing. What was real, was our obsessive love, which grew right along with us as we moved towards adulthood. It consumed me, and only in his arms did I feel wanted and safe.
But I have a secret. It’s big and to some, unforgivable. And it’s why I let Reed destroy me, or maybe I destroyed us. Either way, I’m worse than broke—I’m broken.
Once upon a time, we were happy…Yet privilege has an ugly underside and in the blink of an eye, my world crashed down around me.
I don’t feel entitled anymore.
The Entitled is first in the Entitled duet. Their story concludes in The Enlightened.


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RELEASE DAY 1 | October 16 The Entitled_teaser
RELEASE DAY 2 | October 23 The Entitled_teaser


♦ ♦ ♦ Whew! This story wore me out! Compelling and emotional with characters that are rich and layered. It drew me in from the beginning and made me care about these intriguing characters. The beautiful, captivating twins, Reed and Jax, with the world at their feet. Born into a generational wealthy family they wanted for nothing. Tess enters their life as eight year olds and Reed is immediately taken with her and Tess felt the same. Tess as the fragile girl/woman is a sympathetic character. I vacillated between wanting to hug her and tell her to get a backbone. This story follows these three beguiling characters as eight year olds meeting for the first time to their teens years and into adulthood. The relationship between these three is a great character study of young love, friendship and loyalty. You can’t ignore the adults in this story, their actions, and decisions that affected the twins and Tess for a lifetime. Family dynamics are at play with surprising and traumatic results. Lots of angst, drama and mystery that will twist you up with emotion for these three fascinating characters. The cliffhanger is a killer. I can’t wait for the next story. Wonderfully written story that’s easy to read with a page turning style. I will definitely read more from this author.


Cassandra Robbins writes all-consuming love stories.

A self-proclaimed angst filled romantic, she loves creating obsessive, angst filled characters who fight for their happily ever!

Cassandra lives in Los Angeles with her family and Samoyed Stanley.


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