AVAILABLE NOW!! Firecracker by Angera Allen!

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One weekend.
That’s all it took to turn my life upside down.
One weekend away from the shit storm that is my life.
My name is Ruby Malone.
Wife to the famous frontman and lead singer, Brody Malone.
Best friend to the infamous DJ Izzy.
Mama to my beautiful baby girl, Bella.
This isn’t the beginning of my story, it’s not even the middle and it sure as fuck isn’t the end. This is the story of how I became known as ‘Firecracker’ to the Wolfeman MC and was initiated into the musical world of Spin It, Inc.
Crazy, outgoing, adventurous, full of energy and talks faster than an auctioneer with a heart as big as the ocean… that is Angera. A born and raised California native, Angera is currently living and working in the Bay Area. Mom of a smart and sassy little girl, an English bulldog, two Siamese Cats and a fish named Red.
She spends her days running a successful law firm but in her spare time enjoys writing, reading, dancing, playing softball, spending time with family and making friends wherever she goes. She started writing after the birth of her daughter in 2012 and hasn’t been able to turn the voices off yet.
The Spin It series is inspired by the several years Angera spent married into the world of underground music and her undeniable love of dirty and gritty romance novels.

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