The Devil Souls MC series by LeAnn Ashers is NOW LIVE in a boxset!! FOUR full-length novels for only $2.99…meaning FOUR books for the price of ONE.


This boxset includes Torch, Techy, Butcher, and Liam! FOUR full-length novels for only $2.99!

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▾▾▾ BLURB ▾▾▾
Meet the men of the Devil Souls Motorcycle Club, the most notorious MC in Texas in this four-book Boxed Set by bestselling author LeAnn Ashers!

They love hard and fight harder. You mess with their family, hell is something you’d beg for.

This Boxed Set includes:
► TORCH: Kayla & Torch’s story
One moment, one ordinary day changed my life. Three guys tried to kidnap me. One man saved me.

► TECHY: Alisha & Techy’s story
Someone from my past comes to get what my dead father never gave back to him. What he doesn’t know is that Techy will do anything to keep me safe. Anything.

► BUTCHER: Shaylin & Butcher’s story
Butcher is what everyone calls crazy. But me? I see who he really is. I see the man who will protect and love me above everything else.

► LIAM: Paisley & Liam’s story
I was enthralled by Liam’s bad boy ways, but I knew there was so much more to him—a side he didn’t allow people to see. He was my everything. I felt safe in his arms. Until someone tried to kill me.

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