NOW LIVE & ONLY 99c!!! KASEY by Jennifer Hanks!

NOW LIVE & ONLY 99c!!! KASEY (The Dimarco Series Novella) by Jennifer Hanks is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!

“Hot, hot, hot! A sweet and super steamy romance!” – The Haute Bookworm
“Fans of the series, will absolutely love this glimpse into the past, and new fans now have the perfect place to start.” – Novel Momma

Introducing an exciting new series filled with suspense, sacrifice, family, and most of all, the healing power of love. Welcome to the Family…
One. Defining. Moment.
Kasey Moore is happy to be home.  Moving to New Hope as a teenager hadn’t been easy, but once she settled in, she couldn’t imagine herself living anywhere else.  After four years in college, she’s finally back to living in the town she loves and working her dream job as a teacher at the Elementary School.
For Kasey, her life couldn’t be more perfect.
Until a school assembly, an arrogant man, and a hot encounter in a closet shakes up everything Kasey thinks she wants.
Ten years as a Navy SEAL and Jackson Dimarco has come home.
Ten years of rigid schedules, almost unreachable expectations, and being a part of something bigger than himself, has changed him.  Coming home, trying to find himself, the last thing Jax wants to do is talk to an auditorium full of school kids about his time in the military, but when his brother signs him up that’s exactly what he ends up doing.
And he meets someone who challenges him in a way nobody has in a very long time.  He meets someone who inspires him to become more than who he’s settled for.   He meets someone who makes him feel alive again.
It’s just a shame she doesn’t feel the same way.
But Jackson Dimarco has always loved a challenge and Kasey Moore is the biggest incentive he’s ever had to win.

THE DIMARCO SERIES – Free in Kindle Unlimited

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