LIVE NOW!! EXCERPT from Desert Rose by K. Moore!

Today we have the blog tour of DESERT ROSE by K. Moore! I am so excited to share this new psychological suspense with you—check it out and order today!

Title: Desert Rose

Author: K. Moore

Genre: Psychological Suspense

About Desert Rose:

In an instant, Jennifer’s life is forever altered.


When her ten-year-old daughter, Sarah, is abducted in Dubai, expats Jennifer and her husband Kevin are thrown into an unimaginable nightmare. With very little help provided by the local authorities and the US Embassy, Jennifer watches her life erode away and the tension in her marriage increase. Driven by rage and desperation, she is forced to make decisions she never thought possible.


An investigation without answers. A cover-up. A conspiracy. A betrayal.


There is no turning back.


What would you do if your child was taken?



Desert Rose was named ‘Most Promising Manuscript’ at the 2018 Alaskan Writers Guild Conference.

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My mind feels as though it’s wading through some clouds, the suction from them making it difficult to move and to breathe. These aren’t fluffy white clouds, all light and pretty. These are dense and dark, much like the storm clouds over a Virginia winter. Above the clouds, sunshine and blue sky continue into forever. Peaceful. Serene. Below, however, is a turmoil of darkness with wind, rain, and the occasional thunderclap after a lightning strike. I’m being sucked down, sinking into them, as though into quicksand. My body is singed from the lightning strike that is becoming my living nightmare. 

I sit up and open my eyes. “I’m not sure what to say, Jacquie. I’m just so fucking scared. What if they can’t find her?”

“They’ll find her.”

“But what if they can’t? What if something happens …”

“Jen, you can’t think like that. You have to stay positive. Stay strong. You have to stay strong for Sarah and Liam.”

About K. Moore:

K. Moore is an Australian braving the sub-zero Alaskan temperatures with her husband and two sons while battling agitated moose, nosey brown bears, and a Karelian bear dog named Hathor. She’s an avid reader, hiker, and CrossFit enthusiast. If you manage to locate a decent bottle of gin and a chair at the bar, she might be convinced to regale you with tales of her global travels. Without the gin, you’ll have to find the evidence within the pages of her stories and poetry.

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