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An entertaining, captivating, intriguing, and suspense-filled drama.

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Zook is a standalone novel. You don’t have to read Rogan to enjoy Zook, but it might help you understand him better.



“She sucked in my kisses like she’d been underwater without air for hours and my lips were an oxygen ventilator. Whatever she needed, my mouth provided.”

Can the prisoner set the princess free?

My second chance at life is going better than I expected.
Got a job doing construction where my boss doesn’t care about my criminal record.
A beautiful girl is teaching me to read and write.
Man, I’m falling hard for Cecelia. The Ivy League brunette with big brown eyes goes wild when I kiss her.
But she’s hiding some kinda secret from me.
She lets me in to the point I think we’re soaring, then slams on the brakes.
She says her family has a hold on her that terrifies her.
She’s letting fear win.
But I’m not afraid. Whoever I have to fight to make her mine, I’ll do it.

If my life were different, I’d be Zook’s girl. 
I’d fly away with my sexy cowboy and never return.
But I’m a bird in a cage, owned by a royal dictator who will slaughter anyone I get close to.
We can only steal our intimate moments.
Because if we’re caught, Zook’s as good as dead.
Zook is a full-length standalone novel with a guaranteed happy ending.
If you’re looking for a steamy rags-to-riches, opposites attract, second-chance romance, you’ll love Zook.

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