💛 New Release 💛 Begin Again by Amanda Leigh is LIVE!!!

Begin Again RDB BANNER.png

BEGIN AGAIN by Amanda Leigh is LIVE!

One-Click today! https://amzn.to/2m1bVCM

Add it to your TBR! https://bit.ly/2m7UmRd


When Tori’s house burns down with her abusive husband inside, she flees with her six-year-old daughter to start anew. They leave town and stay in a motel.

It doesn’t take long for Tori’s small savings to run dry, and they find themselves struggling once more. One day, they meet a kind stranger who pays for their meal. The purse this stranger leaves behind could change everything…but not how Tori imagines.

One-Click today! https://amzn.to/2m1bVCM

Add it to your TBR! https://bit.ly/2m7UmRd

69395898_326009254847462_5118397476801347584_nBeautiful narcissists or Daffodils in garden or park, closeup.Begin Again Teaser Two

Amanda Leigh is the multi-genre author of numerous titles, including the Mature YA Paranormal Romance, the Beauty of the Dark series. She’s made up stories all her life, and written them down since she was eight. In college she got her degree in English and Communications, and worked as the Assistant Managing Editor on the literary magazine. Amanda advocates for mental health, cystinosis/rare disease awareness, and literacy. Strength: Lives Touched by Cystinosis is an anthology to raise awareness and money for cystinosis. She has a cat she adores and loves cooking, music, art, Psychology, Marvel, Harry Potter, and Elvis Presley. Not necessarily in that order. Find her online at http://www.authoramandaleigh.com and feel free to get in touch with her.

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