NOW LIVE!!! Tempting Danger by Wendy Vella is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!

“a phenomenal historical romance” – Goodreads reviewer

“Nicholas and Alice are fascinating characters, and their love story is absolutely perfect.” – Amazon reviewer

“Tempting Danger is a roller coaster of emotions, drama, family, and love.” – Goodreads reviewer


Destiny brings them together… but will love cause his downfall?

With his demons well and truly leashed, reformed gambler Nicholas, Lord Braithwaite, is tasked with finding a missing baby. He needs help, and it comes in the form of the woman from his visions.
His preternatural gift has caused nothing but pain until now, so it’s a shock when his nighttime angel is living and breathing.
As determined and opinionated as she is beautiful, Alice Sinclair demands something from him he never thought he was capable of giving. The passionate innocent soon masters his heart, and Nicholas must face the biggest gamble of his life: risking love or losing her forever.

Alice is aware of her family’s legend but never believed it was her destiny to marry a dashing Raven—until the day she rescues one. Vastly different in experience and beliefs—where she is innocent, Nicholas is jaded—their growing attraction is irresistible.
Priding herself on practicality, nothing has prepared Alice for Nicholas’s searing sensuality. Before she realizes the depth of her feelings, she forces him back into the hell of his past. Now she’s convinced he’ll never forgive her, because she can’t forgive herself.

Will their dangerous temptation lead to heartbreak or forever?


Sensing Danger –
Seeing Danger –
Touched By Danger –
Scent Of Danger –
Vision Of Danger –
Tempting Danger –
Seductive Danger –

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