🔥🔥 NEW AUDIO RELEASE 🔥🔥 Make Me Beg by Julie Kriss!

Make Me Beg by Julie Kriss is now available on audio! Narrated by Joe Arden and Erin Mallon… This final book in the Riggs Brothers series is worth the wait!

You wouldn’t believe Dex Riggs and I are from the same town. He’s the ultimate bad boy; I’m the one who goes by the book. He’s a sexy former cop with a shady past; I’m the girl who married her high school sweetheart.

But now, my marriage is over, I’m burned out on my business, and worst of all, I never got the baby I wanted. And now, I never will.

Unless Dex is willing to make a deal.

I get a baby; he gets…me. For a little while. Once I’m knocked up, we’ll go our separate ways. That’s the rule.

I’ve never broken a rule. Dex has broken all of them.

Which rule will we break first?

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2NQVxQB

Audible: https://adbl.co/2XhyzoQ

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