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A breathtaking, heart racing second chance romance with a secret baby twist!

The first hand you hold.
The first lips you kiss.
The first time you undress one another…
Remy River hasn’t forgotten the man that was so many of her firsts. Her onlys, truth be told.
When Sawyer Roman strides back into her life after years of stony silence, she can’t believe her eyes. He’s filled out, grown hotter than ever, and he’s more than interested in her…
But there is still a big secret that he doesn’t know.
She can’t forgive him for the way he left her… or tell him that she had his baby while he was overseas.
Sawyer is as heartbreakingly gorgeous and swoony as ever, jumping in to save her family farm. But Remy has already learned that lesson the hard way.

Can their little family survive the turbulent tides and be made whole again? 🔥🤭💋😍🎉

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