★★ NEW RELEASE ★★ The Scarlet Night by Nicole French is LIVE!!! + My Review

She’s beyond off-limits. I couldn’t care less.

The second I saw Nina Astor, I had to have her.

Blonde bombshell. 

Park Avenue princess.
She was pure as snow, and giving me one night to dirty her up.

But by morning, I knew:

She wasn’t just a pretty face.

She wasn’t just a casual fling.

One night?


I needed a lifetime.

Then I discover: 

Nina Astor isn’t who she says she is. 

She’s beyond off-limits.

The real problem? I couldn’t care less.

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Moody noir, tense and suspenseful! Will they or won’t they? A terrific prequel to a new series from this fantastic author. Her writing will hold you right on the edge of something really great and then the explosions happen. In the case of the cool blond with a black card and a hidden life, it’s a sexual explosion when she has her one night of passion with Brooklyn prosecutor and throwback to a more civilized period, Matthew. He’s only a heathen between the sheets! A manly man with a darker side to his sexual needs but he knows how to treat a lady as he debauches her. From different sides of NYC and opposite lifestyles, these two are so lustful for each other and if they only have one night they will make the most of it. The sparks fly and then the clothes and it’s hot. Filthy hot! Love at first sight? You bet! I’m in love with this couple. The build up to Matthew and Nina’s scarlet night is beautiful written with delicate intricacies and tension filled moments of passion and deeper feelings. Exceptional in every way. Both characters have appeared in previous stories from this author and I can’t wait for more of them and this new series which is destine to be outstanding.

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