SERIES COVER REVEAL!!! The Tarnished Crowns Trilogy by Annie Dyer is available to pre-order now!!!

Lovers. Liars. Traitors. Thieves.
We would become all of these.

Tarnished Crowns is a hot AF MMF romance with a HEA at the VERY end. It’s complex, layered and gripping. It will make you cry, moan and stay up way too late!
It’s set between Scotland, England and other European countries against a contemporary backdrop, but with an alternate political landscape where Scotland is independent of England and has its own monarchy.
There’s murder. There’s jealously. There are games.
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CHANDELIER – Releases January 24
Lovers. Liars. Traitors. Thieves.
We would become all of these.
The first time I meet Isaac, I’m on my knees in front of another man.
The second time, I discover I’m a pawn in our countries’ wager for peace.
A promised princess.
The sister to the heir to a tarnished crown.
A pretty chandelier, born to sparkle, distract.
My country is at war, just like my heart.
Two men. Three sides.
No happy endings..
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GRENADE – Releases February 14
I’m their lover. Their grenade. And grenades explode.
Outside, a quiet war wages between two fractured countries.
Inside, I have been blasted by my own explosion.
Torn into pieces.
I am a protector – for her.
A lover – to both.
A traitor – to all.
We have all been on our knees at the feet of someone else.
We have all spent nights escaping in our shared beds.
We all want to wear this tarnished crown.
Blair. Isaac.
And me.
The grenade.
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EMERALDS – Releases March 6
A coronation with a tarnished crown. Worn by who?
I have stolen hearts that weren’t mine to take. Betrayed my country for the sake of another night in my lovers’ bed. Lied to the people I said I loved.
All for the tarnished crown of an empire than can no longer exist.
The first time I saw Blair I forgot what I was meant to be.
The last time I saw Ben, I remembered.
I am the kingmaker.
The fixer.
The healer.
I am the one who can end this.
Pre-order now!

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