♫Opaque Melodies by Natalie Bennett is LIVE♫. + My Review

Title: Opaque Melodies
Author: Natalie Bennett
Genre: Dark Psychological Romance
Release Date: January 30, 2020

Alaric Schuyler.
He’s enigmatic, cocky, and my new brother-in-law.
With eyes the color of cerulean blue and a smile so beautifully devious he could entice the devil to do his bidding, I should have known to stay far, far away from him.
One night changed everything between us.
He’s become the star of my nightmares, always lurking in the shadows.
I’ve become his muse, a possession he won’t let go of.
One esoteric melody at a time, he awakens my demons’.
Lucid dreams and sick fantasies show him being the death of me.
And the more time I spend in a reality where sanity has ceased to exist, I find myself wanting nothing more.


This was a crazy mess right from the beginning all the way to the maddening end. Brilliant madness! No one writes enthralling characters like this author does. Catalina as the woman with a crazy brain and a draw to the madness that is her widowed brother-in-law. Alaric, the beautiful beast. What kind of crazy is he? And what’s up with that clinic? Everyone’s a mess in this book. The parents are up to no good with Catalina in shambles. The beginning of the story seemed a little disjointed for me and I didn’t get the instant connection between Catalina and Alaric. Okay…he is too handsome with a dominant darkness but still…run girl run. Sure, Catalina has a long-term medical condition that was obscure and unexplained but what’s Alaric’s reason. Just pure insanity? This left a lot of questions for the next book and I can’t wait to find out who’s coming to dinner. Will Catalina’s father make an appearance? I adore this author’s writing and the madness she presents for our consumption and delight. I guess I’m a little insane too ;). Thrilling storyline with a sexy beast and a romance in the making with an unlikely heroine. Bring on the madness!

With a penchant for (writing) villainous immoral men, and a tendency to deviate away from traditional happily ever afters, Natalie Bennett is an international bestselling author of twisted and unconventional love stories.
When she’s not slaying words she’s somewhere in the sunshine state, happily taking life one curve-ball at a time.


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