FREE TO KINDLE UNLIMITED & 99c FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY! The Stand Out by Donna Alam!! + My Review

Blackmail is such a dirty word . . .

I need a plus-one for a wedding.
A stand-in.
And when my friends start dropping names, I panic.
But then an idea hits me in the form of Archer Powell.
Tall, dark, and gorgeous. Check!
Looks good in a suit. Check!
The office heartthrob,
He’s picture perfect for the position.
Maybe even a few of them.

Dear Archer Powell,
You are cordially invited
Your presence is requested
Your attendance is mandatory . . .

But what happens when your stand-in is a stand out?
Do you dare to fall in love?

The Stand Out features a quirky girl and the office heartthrob, office enemies with (blackmailed) benefits, a fake relationship, and is full of fun, fire, and f—feelings






Titillating goodness! The banter was marvelous fun and at times panty-melting sexiness. I’m from the US and with this London setting I didn’t understand some of the language but I was loving every word and absurd action. The fast-paced, crazy banter between this fabulous group of women was so much fun and when it verged on the raunchy side it was hilarious. And then the banter between the slightly awkward, adorable Heather and the ode to The Gandy, Archer, was a riot. And what a randy Gandy Archer is. Smokin’ hot! (If you don’t know who David Gandy is you should. A gorgeous model and JLo love interest in her First Love video). I could see our obsession with every picture Donna painted of this beautiful man. I loved that Archer owned his beauty and sexiness. And when he turned the tables on Heather and her devious plan I was giggling and swooning. The way their relationship built into a beautiful romance was spectacular. I loved every minute of getting to know these outstanding characters and having a front row seat to their love story. Such beautifully developed characters and a wonderful evolution of a relationship that goes from somewhat adversarial to a lustful romance. This is one of my favorites from this author and on my read again list. I can’t wait for the next story from this wonderful group of friends. I hope it’s Vee’s story!

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