Guard My Heart is a full-length standalone novel in The Heart Lines series, which can be read in any order. With a gorgeous HEA ending and no cheating, you’ll fall in love with this 18+ only story! 


**Warning – this novel contains graphic sex, and hardcore elements of BDSM. There are scenes of violence (consensual) as well as sexual practices some readers may find offensive.
If you aren’t turned on by dirty bad wrong sex then please walk on by.

AMAZON US: https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0xMzgyNjc3NDAwMDg0NTUxMTEwJmM9aTlzMiZlPTMzMiZiPTMzMDQxMTk2OCZkPXU2dzB2NXM=.3r6Xj_W6E1hASfwr6krzptNgYNsNl8PYNEbC3iXRzTs

AMAZON UK: https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0xMzgyNjc3NDAwMDg0NTUxMTEwJmM9aTlzMiZlPTMzMiZiPTMzMDQxMTk3MiZkPW00dzB2NXY=.chtIpnus01CCf6YqY7hFukSsECSNnTEnF0lTK9IpBsU

AMAZON AU: https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0xMzgyNjc3NDAwMDg0NTUxMTEwJmM9aTlzMiZlPTMzMiZiPTMzMDQxMTk4MCZkPXo0azRoNmw=.Y-M7rjQliLiqf5fz8uHv68er1pHF-rvwcecgCw34kwU

AMAZON CA: https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0xMzgyNjc3NDAwMDg0NTUxMTEwJmM9aTlzMiZlPTMzMiZiPTMzMDQxMTk3NiZkPXo0ejF4NWU=.PwH9b3ppJsKSxL6Fg0ZYiufqfnlVcaLbDasI3VgoC6g

Chopped is a steamy long novella by USA Today Bestselling Author, Colleen Charles, about a huge ax-wielding lumberjack in the depths of the forest and the woman he claims as his own. It’s the first book in the Taboo Tales series and is a standalone with all the steam and feels you’re looking for, along with an emotional HEA.


Watch With Me is the prequel to Liar. 

It started as a night to forget my past hurts. 
I just wanted to watch, to lose myself in my uncle’s illicit club. 
I never meant to find someone—someone much older.
I never meant to watch with him. 
I never meant for him to be my uncle’s friend. 
None of that mattered. All that mattered was how he made me forget—how he made me want more.
But was he willing to give me more?
Or was it just one night.


Who knew planning a wedding could be so hard? 
He said yes and that had been all that mattered. 
So why did he give excuse after excuse to not set a date to say our “I dos”?
Why wasn’t he my husband yet?
I didn’t know, but by the end of the night, I was going to find out. 
No matter what tactics I had to use. Even if they were dirty. 
Especially if they were dirty.


*Across Time is Book One in the Across Time Series and ends in a cliffhanger. The sequel, Across Eternity, will arrive 4/1/2020.


When professor Sawyer is told he 
needs to be more social if he wants tenure, he asks feisty Stella to be 
his fake girlfriend for a charity dinner. But the longer they pretend, 
the more the relationship starts to feel real…

Trust in Me is FREE for a limited time on all retailers. Download on your favorite retailer:

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He hasn’t encountered a woman in nearly a year, and now we’re trapped together in the middle of nowhere…


Sometimes the road to love is dangerous. And so worth it.

Love an over-the-top possessive dirty-talking book boyfriend who is an alpha male biker without being an alpha-hole? You need to meet Deacon.

Standalone. No cliffhanger.

Book one in the Beautiful Biker series about the Dominion Brotherhood MC of South Dakota.

Contains: smokin’ hot love scenes, romance, drunk texting, suspense, erotic spankings, dirty-talking, pudding shooters, laughs, tears,  a bit of darkness.
Oh… and an HEA.


DISCOUNTED to $.99 — For the Love of A Scot Boxset
Get the book here
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Enjoy an escape to Zandia, a planet full of sexy, purple alpha males who want to please you in all the best, kinky ways possible

The Zandians have taken back their planet. Now they need brides. 
All human females have been assigned to mates. Yes, mates, multiple.
I’ve been given to three handsome males–cousins. Huge, purple and horned, they act like they want to eat me for breakfast.
After what I’ve been through with previous slave masters, I don’t know how I’ll survive this. But I have to. It’s adapt or be sent off-planet, which would mean my death, considering I’m wanted for murder.

FREE: Night of the Zandians.



SALE: $0.99



SALE: $0.99


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