Free Reads Alert…

For a limited time, Entangled has put my first-in-series FREE for the VAMPIRE BLOOD, THE VESSEL TRILOGY, and DOMINION series. Enjoy!

“Arabelle studied him. Ebony hair, fair skin, otherworldly sea-blue eyes that flared bright when they settled on her. His red mask did little to hide the regal lines of his handsome face—high cheekbones, strong nose and chin. She measured his height, putting him a good head taller than herself. And she wasn’t a short woman. Of course, he wore layers of clothes—dress coat, vest, shirt, and possibly an undershirt—which would all be difficult to penetrate with her dagger, not counting flesh and bone. Good thing she’d been practicing on pig carcasses. As his gaze roved her face and body, she considered which tactic she should take in order to stab him through his black heart.”


“A man,” he said, deep voice like velvet, warm breath caressing my cheek, “knows when to take action and when to be still, knows his strengths and his weaknesses, knows control when it is necessary and release when it is essential. And a man”—his voice had dropped deep, throaty, close to my ear—“knows when a woman wants him and how to please her.”


“She was delicious beyond compare to all the latex-wearing, kink-loving, on-their-knees-worshipping women I’d had in my immortal life. This sweet-eyed, blade-wielding, tight-bodied goddess had me wanting to fall to my own knees, to beg, to worship.”


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