COVER REVEAL!! Brazen Rush by Ali Dean!

Cover reveal for Brazen Rush, the first book in a brand new sports romance series from Ali Dean. It releases on April 10!

Jordan Slattery is a skateboarding phenom, but no one’s heard of her. That is, until she starts college in California, and heads begin to turn each time she hits the skateparks. She tries to avoid the attention, waking at the crack of dawn to ride before anyone else arrives. That plan backfires when none other than Beckett Steele, skateboarding world champion, shows up at the same park with the same plan to avoid the crowds. Too bad his initial interest in her disappears when he realizes she’s only seventeen to his twenty-five. When Beckett’s best friend discovers Jordan on his own and wants to offer her the opportunity of a lifetime, Jordan finds herself considering a future she never imagined. She never wanted to get pulled into the world of sponsorships, competitions, and social media frenzy. But is she willing to sacrifice her obscurity if it means having Beckett Steele in her life?  

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