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It started with a crush.
The best stories always do.

Our story sounds predictable.
Destined for failure.

It was anything but.
Lincoln Beckett was the star wide receiver at Brighton University—
smart, funny, and like many would guess,
heartbreak shined in his blue eyes and was etched across his steel jaw.
He was popular, a guaranteed draft pick, and worst of all:
My brother’s best friend.

It’s a tale of unrequited love.
I tried not to like him.
I had an entire list of rules.
Rules that led me to Derek Jones.

Derek’s the other starting wide receiver for Brighton University.
A transfer who’s proving to be a promising athlete who doesn’t play by the rules.
His brown eyes hold promises—ones solely for me.
When Lincoln offers me a sideways glance, Derek stares.
And when Derek leans closer, it’s Lincoln whose touch I feel.
Adversaries on the field—and now off.

It wasn’t meant to be a love triangle.
That was reserved for the classics,
Gatsby and Mr. Darcy.
I’ve never been uncertain

Until now.

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