ONE DAY until Darkened Soul by C.G. Blaine releases!

You aren’t even ready for Chaz’s story!

Keep my Nephilim alive. Earn back my light. Finally go home.

As a Watcher, nothing else should matter. Nothing else has mattered. Until her.

She dug her way in without any invitation. Now, she haunts my dreams and makes me lose focus. The one mortal off-limits, and regardless of how hard I try, I canโ€™t stay away. And the more untouchable she becomes, the more I want her.

At first, sheโ€™s a distraction that could cost me the eternity Iโ€™ve worked so hard to protect. But then she becomes a danger beyond anything Iโ€™ve ever imagined. When it comes to her, itโ€™s not only my immortality hanging in the balance. This woman threatens my soulโ€™s very existence

Our story was always meant to be messyโ€”because, at the end, one of us has to die.

Start reading today! 



Catch up on the series with book 1, Fallen Rebel. You’ve never met a fallen angel like this before!



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