Free Boxset!!! USA TODAY BESTSELLING author Lindsay Cross introduces Operation Mayhem.

Thrills and action are on every turn of the page in the first book of the series. Packed with adventure, heat, and a slight paranormal twist, Operation Mayhem is a dark romantic suspense novel readers will delightfully devour.

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Mayhem’s Warrior

Captain T.K. Reaper only cares about his men; until he ends up falling for the one woman who can rescue his team. 

Reaper has lived his entire life without love. Living on the edge with no fear, Reaper and his team volunteered for Project Mayhem— a top-secret experiment that uses a serum to enhance physical abilities in order to fight terrorism. 

Caroline Cotter used to be a spoiled Senator’s daughter; now, she’s a victim. Kidnapped and held against her will to make the serum used for Project Mayhem, Caroline gives up hope of ever being free again… until Reaper enters, and frees her from her dark prison. 

Yet the jungle outside is full of terrors, and government officials are hot on their tail. 

Mayhem’s Desire

His traumatic past has left him dark… and longing for love.
Hicks thinks good and evil comes in black and white. He’s got clear rules on morality and isn’t willing to break them.
Until her. 
Whitney is a seductress. She wears a mask of sensuality to bend men to her will. Whitney believes she’s past saving, and that love is a silly dream. 

Then he enters her life.
Whitney and Hicks can’t keep their hands off each other… but they can’t stand each other, either. Whitney isn’t the innocent woman Hicks thought, and Hicks isn’t the strong hero Whitney’s looking for. But together, the heat of their romance and the passion of their love cannot be stopped. 

Mayhem’s Hero
He needs someone to tell him he’s worth saving. 
Diggs never mattered— not in his family. Project Mayhem left him with nothing but questions about who he is. Diggs needs something more… someone more. 
She’s about to fall for the man who could hurt her more than anyone.
Audra races against time to save Trigger, her dead brother’s K-9 bomb sniffing dog, before she loses the one piece of her brother she has left. 
A chance meeting. Diggs helps Audra save Trigger… but he’s the one who needs her the most. 

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