★NOW AVAILABLE★ BRANDED STEEL (Steel Crew) by MJ Fields is LIVE!!!!

We’re celebrating the release of Branded Steel (Steel Crew 2) by MJ Fields! #GetBranded today!
Purchase Branded Steel
Amazon CA —> https://tinyurl.com/BrandedCA
Paperback: https://amzn.to/2KLV8w9Blurb:
He can sing, dance, and owns whatever stage he’s “performing” on.
His looks make him a triple threat.
And he’s gone viral.
He is the Country Music Artist of the Year.
Which means that face, those eyes, that hair, that body, and his voice are every-freaking-where.
He’s America’s newest country sensation, and he can do no wrong.

Except, he did.
He totally did.
And he did it to me.

Title: Branded Steel
Series: Steel Crew 2 
Author: MJ Fields
Designed by: Jersey Girl Design
Model: Lucas Loyola
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Want more Steel Crew? Purchase HERE!
You can read Tagged Steel (AKA Bella) now!
Amazon US —> https://tinyurl.com/TaggedUS
Amazon UK —> https://tinyurl.com/TaggedUK
Amazon AU —> https://tinyurl.com/TaggedAU
Amazon CA —> https://tinyurl.com/TaggedCA

Preorder Laced Steel
Amazon US —> https://tinyurl.com/LacedMUS
Amazon UK —> https://tinyurl.com/LacedUK
Amazon AU —> https://tinyurl.com/LACEDMAU
Amazon CA —> https://tinyurl.com/LacedCA

Preorder Justified Steel
Amazon US —> https://tinyurl.com/JustifiedUS
Amazon UK —> https://tinyurl.com/JustifiedUK
Amazon AU —> https://tinyurl.com/JustifiedAU
Amazon CA —> https://tinyurl.com/JutifiedCA

Preorder Tricked Steel
Amazon US —> https://tinyurl.com/TrickedUS
Amazon UK —> https://tinyurl.com/TrickedUK
Amazon AU —> https://tinyurl.com/TrickedAU
Amazon CA —> https://tinyurl.com/TrickedCA

About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author MJ Fields write books that scorch pages and melt hearts.
Her style is raw, gritty and authentic.
Love an alpha and a strong heroine? She does too.

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Visit her website here ➜ mjfieldsbooks.com
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