For a limited time, you can pick up IN THE STARS (The Friessens, Book ) for 99cents!

Don’t ever fall in love with your best friend!

Evie and Danny have been friends forever, and neither has considered the other in a romantic way. Then, one day, in drives Charlie Adams, the sexy, gorgeous daughter of the town banker. When she sets her sights on Danny, he just can’t resist her charms.
Little does he know, Evie is about as down and out as she can get, working a dead-end job, with less than twenty dollars in her bank account. Her future and options are bleak, and to make it worse, as she watches from the sidelines, she realizes she has loved Danny forever.

Will Danny realize that the love of his life may not be the woman he’s dating?

“Another great love story with many ups and downs. A roller coaster of the best kinds of emotions.” ★★★★★ Amazon Customer

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Also available in audiobook format at Audible and Apple Audiobooks (regular pricing applies).

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