☆ NEW MC ROMANCE RELEASE ☆ Die For Her (Steele Raiders MC) by RB Hilliard is available NOW! + My Review

Title: Die For Her
Series: Steele Raiders MC
Author: RB Hilliard
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date:

As president of Steele Raiders MC, Steele has the weight of the world resting on his shoulders. He doesn’t have the time nor the desire to get tangled up in a relationship. But then a beautiful woman—one that has no idea who he really is—steps into his life and makes him want more.

Luciana Ferina is not a risk taker. She’s steady and dependable, a woman who knows what she wants out of life. With a job she loves and a good head on her shoulders, she has everything she could ever need. But then she meets a man who makes her want to risk it all. 

She’s the woman of his dreams.

He’s not who she thinks he is.

When secrets unfold, it will be up to Steele to not only protect her but to prove he’s the man worthy of her heart.

Sometimes you have to fight for love, but sometimes you have to die for it.


A terrific second story in this action-filled MC series. I really like this series with lots of drama, suspense, and an always swoon-worthy romance. This isn’t a dark and dirty MC but there’s enough of the MC elements to make this a fantastic read. Hot brothers, club girls, club drama, ole ladies, bad cops, and a rival club. Arlan Steele is the President of a club founded by his forefathers and is struggling with all his duties. The Steele Raiders is a club rebuilding after being massacre by a rival. The loss of so many brothers was crippling and caused the heir apparent to take the throne before his time. Steele just wants to be Arlan again without the heavy mantle of his office weighing him down and when he meets the vivacious Luciana without her knowing who his is he has a few weeks of just being a man spending time with a beautiful woman. Luciana aka Lulu is new to town so she doesn’t know anything about the MC or it’s President. The two hit it off and are so hot and sexy! As problems arise with the MC that take Steele’s attention, Lulu wants more than late night encounters and missed calls. But it’s not long before the feisty school counselor is in trouble with an old foe of the MC’s. She has no where to turn with dirty cops and thugs after her. A run to the MC has her under their protection and living in the Cave aka clubhouse with all brothers and club girls. She is quickly immersed in the house drama when the club goes on lockdown. As Lulu and Arlan are in close quarters it’s not long before the two are back in each other’s arms. Did I say these two where hot? Smoking! Steele is such a bossy alpha that’s just panty melting. The danger ramps up as the bodies start piling up and a rat is in the mix. The traitors are outed and more lives are lost but Steele makes headway in repairing his relationship with his cop brother. I love these brothers with a terrific group of ole ladies and the family atmosphere. Well written with wonderful characters and a MC brotherhood fighting for a future. Loads of action along with a heart-throbbing romance makes this worth the read. I can’t wait for the next installment because these Steele Raiders are spectacular!

RB Hilliard lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, two teenagers, and crazy dog, Oscar. She loves music, a good book, red wine, chocolate, and to write twistedly suspenseful stories. Alpha men, rock stars, and sexy bikers are among her favorites, but don’t worry, if suspense isn’t your bag, she also writes funny tales about exceptionally hot men who are in desperate need of taming. In 2014, Hilliard published her first novel. She has since published multiple novels across several genres.


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