$0.99 WORLDWIDE!! This weekend only!

Playoff King will be on sale for the first time this weekend. Only $0.99 for a limited time. It’s book 7 in the Puck Battle series, but it can be read as a standalone. Luka is younger than our single mom, Jill, but he’s exactly who she needs.

AMAZON US: https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0xNDQ3ODUyNjUwODU4MDI2MjEzJmM9ZjdrOSZlPTMzMiZiPTM2MDc2NTc4NiZkPWw3ajF1N3I=.VtZLgiOqFjONfZpRZK_ZUnEup9G4Mbp_04A2knONgVc

AMAZON CA: https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0xNDQ3ODUyNjUwODU4MDI2MjEzJmM9ZjdrOSZlPTMzMiZiPTM2MDc2NTc5MCZkPXQwdjF2Mm4=.45JbSYLlzkWeeTRjnJHHPDCesk3A59JCLK1UrE7dy9o

AMAZON UK: https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0xNDQ3ODUyNjUwODU4MDI2MjEzJmM9ZjdrOSZlPTMzMiZiPTM2MDc2NTc5NCZkPWc4dDdhM3Q=.UrIIrrIu1A_PrMEEvgoRsAw59umdfAnGY9zxH_A95G0

AMAZON AU: https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0xNDQ3ODUyNjUwODU4MDI2MjEzJmM9ZjdrOSZlPTMzMiZiPTM2MDc2NTc5OCZkPXY1eTR3OGQ=.zZe1AdAhu7PSPs0xWPv0Wzr3yyhoziEXWpuIxPP4HHc

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