MORTEM is On Sale!!! 6/20 – 6/26

Love shouldn’t hurt. Love shouldn’t come at night with a knife.

Two years after she was almost killed by her abusive boyfriend, Bree Elliott still struggles to move on, alcohol and sleeping pills her only support. She meets her soulmate, in a most unexpected way, when she’s taken hostage by Roarke in a bank robbery that goes to hell.

Ruthless hitman Roarke Brennan thought he had everything under control, but when a mysterious girl catches his attention, and a bullet nearly ends his life, he sets out on a chaotic path to destruction. Bree took everything from him. It’s time to return the favor.

Mortem is a PITCH BLACK romance that takes you to the deepest pits of obsession and passion. 

Warnings for abuse, mentions of horrible assaults, blood play, dark themes and a descent into mad obsession. This book skirts the Russo Saga universe but it’s a standalone with its very own version of HEA. Suitable for an adult audience, read at your own discretion.


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