99¢ SALE!!! Six bestselling romcoms!

Six plays at the game of love. Six couples determined to come out on top. 

All six books in the “Game” romantic comedy series together in one super-sized boxed set and for one week only, you can get all six books, 1162 pages for just 99 cents.

All books can be read as standalones and in any order too. 

This huge collection includes:
Game Player – Matt and Mia (sister in law/brother in law, enemies to lovers)

Game Maker – Danika and Zach (Brother’s best friend/best friend’s sister, firefighter romance)

Game Saver – Abi Cook and Cade Carsen (fake to real, FWB to soulmates)

Game Ender – Thomas and Amy (single mom/reformed playboy)

Game Breaker: The Loop (From the Love in Transit anthology) – Cameron and Sarah (second chance, military romance)

Game Planner – Jase and Natalie (Born to be soulmates)

Grab your copy here – on sale for this week only! 


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