Callback from Katana Collins is ON SALE for ONLY 99ยข for a limited time!

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A sensual and electrifying standalone!

I had a reputation and he had the solution.

I thought I was done with Hollywood.

Done with acting.

Done with scandal.

Done with all the lies this industry thrives on.

Then I met himโ€ฆ

Jude Fisher.

A man who knows what he wants. A man who doesnโ€™t accept no and demands more from me than I know how to give.

It started out as a way to prepare for the role of a lifetime. But as it gets closer and closer to the audition, I donโ€™t want our scenes to end.

He makes me want him when I thought I had built an impenetrable wall around my heart. He makes me trust him when I thought there was no one left in our industry to trust.

But itโ€™s all just an act โ€ฆ right?

Itโ€™s all just for the callback.

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