SALE!!! Possessed by the Devil

He watches me from the shadows. No, not from the shadows… he IS the shadows.

My name is Angel and I’ve been hunting demons my whole life, sending them back to the festering pit they crawled from. To most hunters, it’s just a job. To me, it’s everything. I come alive with a blade in my hand, only feeling at peace when everything else is chaos.

My problem?

The King of Hell thinks he owns me.

Lucifer is a storm. He crashes into my life after brewing on the horizon all these years, finally unleashing himself upon me and obliterating everything I thought real.

He drags me to Hell and I’m lost. My own inner demons thrive in this place of sin and pain. My dark heart and traitorous body begin to agree that I’m his, but I know better than to listen to that pair. 

Game on, Lucifer. I’m going to destroy you.



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