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“This book is phenomenal!! …When Angels Seek Chaos is a relentless, take-no-prisoners read!!” – Amazon reviewer
An absolute thrill ride that isn’t for the weak of heart” – Book Haven Book Blog
the best mafia book I have read to date… a story that will stay on your mind way after you have turned the last page” – Amazon reviewer
Cover Design: Daqri at Covers by Combs
A sinfully sexy mafia romance full of lies and bloodshed that shows the lengths some will go for revenge.
Angelo Moretti was a man I should have stayed far away from.
When my world was torn apart before my eyes, and I was left vulnerable and damaged, he was sent to protect me.
He was hard.
He was patronizing.
And he was the most beautiful man I’d ever met.
Every bone in my body told me to hate him, to despise everything he stood for.
But I couldn’t.
Angelo lit a fire inside me I’d spent my entire life smothering with obedience and fear. He pushed me further than I’d ever been before, and when I was right on the edge, he dared me to jump.
He offered me redemption and the chance to hurt those who’d wronged me. In order to get that though, I had to take a leap into his world and the deadly mafia empire the DePalma family had created. One filled with drugs, guns, and blood.
I found him in the darkness, but it was there that I may just lose myself.  

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