☠️ AVAILABLE NOW ☠️ RANSOM: Southside Skulls MC by Jessie Cooke! + My Review

Title: Ransom: Westside Skulls MC
Series: Southside Skulls MC #33
Author: Jessie Cooke
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: July 22, 2020
A little boy lost in a grown man’s body.
Wyatt “Ransom” Logan had worn a Westside Skulls kutte for five years.
On the exterior he was all man, but inside he was broken.
Stolen from his family and his life at the tender age of six had set the tone for the rest of his life, and twenty years later he still felt like he was running from monsters…except that now they lived inside of him, and he couldn’t escape.
Two years out of an emotionally abusive relationship, Luna Evans had just started to regain her independence, and her confidence.
Then one night while recharging alone in the wilderness, she’s savagely attacked.

She’s left bloody and beaten on a private road leading to a cabin that belonged to a man who was just as lost as she was.

Alone, Luna and Ransom’s demons threaten to drown them in darkness.
But together can these two young lovers find their way back out into the light?

Jessie Cooke writes hot romance novels about tough guys, bad boys, bikers, fighters and lovers and the women of strong character who tame them.



The boy’s grown up and he finds his old lady! Ransom’s been an interesting character with his traumatic backstory and continued demons. A shy, quiet guy that doesn’t fit the biker mould but he came through when his club needed him in Revenge. He finds mystery and intrigue when he takes a break and finds a girl in need of his help. It happens fast for Ransom and Luna with her taking the reins and practically jumping his bones. Other than the insta factor Ransom and Luna are a cute couple and seem made for each other. Her problems lead to danger as the two grow closer and ultimately there’s a showdown to catch a killer that has the club coming to the rescue. This one’s hard for me to score. The usual hard edge to a biker is missing with the shy Ransom and the story seemed rushed especially at the end. While I like that Ransom fought to overcome his fears and take care of his old lady, I wanted a little more resolution to his on going issues. The best parts were the interactions with the brothers and the glimpses of the club. I loved Charlie and Jammer’s alone times. Barbie and the Crazy! Could they be a future couple? That would be something. All in all, a good addition to this MC series and another brother finds love. I look forward to seeing Ransom and Luna in future stories.

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