RUTHLESS KINGS MC by K.L. Savage SERIES COVER REVEAL!!! Reaper’s Rise is FREE and book one, Reaper is on sale for only 99c!

SERIES COVER REVEAL!!! The Ruthless Kings MC Series by K.L. Savage has a brand new look + start the series now for FREE!!! The prequel, Reaper’s Rise is FREE and book one, Reaper is on sale for only 99c!!!
“The Ruthless Kings MC OWNS me” – Amazon reviewer
“I never thought an MC romance would captivate me as much as this series has, but I am just so in love with it!!” – Amazon reviewer
“This series is just getting better and better!” – Demi Reads
Photographer: Wander Aguiar 
Designer: Lori Jackson Designs
What would you do for the one you love?
If the answer is anything, then maybe you have what it takes.
The men of the Ruthless Kings have to conquer their past in order to have a future.
Life is a fight to death or salvation.
No matter what, hands will get filthy and blood will be spilt.
Love is a weakness.
Yet once they get a taste, they realize it’s the strength they need to survive.  
Sometimes, tears.
They risk it all in order to save the ones they love. Their strength is pushed to the limits, along with their confidence and sanity.
Each member has their own painful journey to get to happiness, a foreign place none of them are familiar with.
Real issues deserve real torment.
Not everyone’s future is paved in gold, not when the road is damned. 
The Kings will give you one hell of a Ruthless ride by dragging you across nails only to rip your heart out.

Reaper’s Rise (FREE)
Reaper (99c SALE)
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Skirt (
August 28)
Pirate (October 2)
Doc (November 7)

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