*** FREEBIE ***

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Designing seductive lingerie is my whole world. Business isn’t exactly booming so I need to do something bold.

And fast. 

Luckily, Lux—the world’s leading fashion magazine—wants to do a full-page spread on my lacy designs during fashion week in London. The only catch? I’m the model.

I don’t think I can do it until I’m alone with the photographer on set . . . Drew, the James Dean-wannabe.


Some call me the rebel billionaire with a camera. So what if I escape the pressures of my family’s wealth by speeding off on my motorbike with Lux’s latest cover model perched on the back. 

That is until I capture her with my lens . . . Kate. 

Maybe it’s her alluring green eyes, or her sexy American accent, but I can’t stop thinking about the way she teased me in that lacy red thing. Kate’s a good girl. With rules. I want her to torch them for me and take a wild ride on my . . . bike. 

Lingerie on the Floor is a sexy billionaire contemporary romance. If you like bad boys seducing good girls, passions running wild, and chemistry hot enough to melt your device, then you’ll love this deliciously fashionable ride.

♥No cheating. No cliffhanger. And an HEA you’ll never forget ♥

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