The Drop Zone is on a SALE!!! Only 99c for a limited time!

Look up ‘cocky’ in the dictionary—overconfident, arrogant, and has an answer for everything. That’s Colby McGregor, third in line for the McGregor billionaire dynasty, adventure capitalist, and all-round pain in my backside. 

It’s my ability to siphon the attitude from his veins that brought us together, but it’s the above points keeping me around. He brings out a side of me no one has seen in years—the playful, adventurous side. However, our game of tit-for-tat isn’t child’s play. If we’re not careful, more than our blossoming friendship will be on the line. 

The Drop Zone is a slow-burn friends to lovers romantic comedy with a cocky, swoon-worthy hero who’ll prove not every story is meant to be read front to back. Sometimes, it’s the pages that slip out of a book that are the most rewarding. It is a complete standalone with no cliffhangers.





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