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Releases: 10/1/20

♫🎸Uninhibited Savage Wilde♫🎸

Copyright © Liberty Parker 2020

Originally part of Rocked to the Core Anthology 


Photographer: Golden Czermak FuriousFotog

Model: Cole Goforth

Editors: Darlene Tallman & Mary Sittu-Kern

Proofreading by: Mary Sittu-Kern

Formatting: Liberty Parker




Being in a band and creating music with my sisters has been a dream come true. Our small-town roots have been replaced with bright lights, big cities, and more attention than we know how to handle. There’s just one thing missing—her. But I’m the one who ultimately pushed her away. Now, I struggle on a daily basis to remember who I am, and who it is I want to be. I need her back. I’m prepared to fight for her, use whatever I have to in order to get her back. 



I had to leave him for good to ensure my own sanity. I couldn’t take the groupies throwing themselves at Rayne, and his publicist saying that he had to pretend to be single. I trust him; it’s those grasping, greedy women that I mistrust. Deciding that I can’t go home to the place we all grew up because the ghosts are around every corner, I make a new life for myself in another small town, abandoning all that I love and hold dear.  I never expected to see him again.

When Rayne forces the issue and shows up in Jacey’s new hometown, will it rekindle what they once had or are the sparks completely dead? Can he handle what she hasn’t told him and will he forgive her? Or is their love truly over?


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