A Billion Reasons is FREE for a limited time!


Dear Madeline:

Be prepared to discuss the following at your performance review:

  1. HR guidelines about appropriate skirt length, heel height, perfume at the office, and laughing too much.
  2. At our recent work retreat, you failed the trust exercise. You did, however, excel at the ropes course. Note: you do not need to reimburse me for sharing my suite.
  3. Remember that your position under me depends on meeting hard, measurable goals. 
  • Put this on a sticky note: nine inches.
  • PowerPoint presentation attached.

I could list a billion reasons why I don’t need an assistant to help me communicate effectively. After all, I didn’t become this wealthy and powerful by saying “please.” But there is one reason that I need you:

I’m falling for you.

Mr. Gage

PS. We also need to revisit the rules for Casual Friday.

A Billion Reasons is a hot, humorous, full-length, standalone contemporary romance about a demanding billionaire boss and his sassy, young secretary. Just a warning: this book will make you laugh out loud and then fan yourself, so keep that in mind when reading it on public transit.
Please note: This book was previously published as No Excuses. 

AMAZON: https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0xNTA2OTQ5MDM3MDgzODU3NzY4JmM9ZDV4MCZlPTMzMiZiPTQwNTU2NDUzMyZkPWM4azdoOWs=.nzvIfNX5qxQH5J__7Z3mwL3NbwhHu56DiShV-9RJftw

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