Breaking Without You

A series starter from a USA Today bestselling author whose “love stories will simply sweep you away” (Devney Perry): Cameron left town 10 years ago without a word, leaving behind his foster brothers — and Violet, the girl he loved. Can he convince her he’s worth a second chance?

AMAZON: http://x4l5eTVIQXDnZ339LmgDtG4p2qEwRWCyvKJnI

APPLE: http://x4l5eTVIQXDnZ339LmgDtG4p2qEwRWCyvKJnI

NOOK: http://x4l5eTVIQXDnZ339LmgDtG4p2qEwRWCyvKJnI

Dangerous Lust

Things started to take a turn for the dangerous when the stunning Hope Bridges met charming billionaire Gabriel Lark. Gabriel couldn’t resist the strong gravitational pull that the beautiful seductress emanated. And it didn’t take long before the two allowed their mouths and hands to explore each other’s bodies.

As the hours passed, tragic events soon followed. April Forman, Hope’s friend and housemate, was found murdered in her hotel room. And Hope vowed to figure out who did it.

It seems that this once hot and steamy chance encounter is slowly, but surely, turning fatal. What does fate have in store for the two love birds?

Can love subsist on lust alone? Will our protagonists discover each other’s dangerous secrets and decide to part ways? Or, worse, will they turn against each other?

AMAZON: https://open/click/2590/34006/12168/2

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