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One truck, one off-limits cowboy, one road trip she’ll never forget…

Maisie Carter has always been a free spirit. An artist by nature, she has no idea what she’s doing as co-owner of Three Chicks Brewery. But she’s determined to prove to her older sisters that she can be an asset to their grandfather’s beer legacy. The best way to do that? Make the rounds at Colorado’s craft brewery festivals and turn Foxy Diva, their top beer, into an award winner. Unfortunately, after more than one “beer mishap,” it becomes clear that she’s going to need some help.

Hayes Taylor knows he has a chip on his shoulder, but he has no interest in working through his traumatic past. He just wants to work on his horse farm, alone. The last thing he needs in his life is a woman, especially his dead wife’s best friend, the sweet-as-pie Maisie Carter. But she’s always brought out his protective instincts, and he can hardly say ‘no’ when she asks for his help…

As the two embark on the festival tour, beer filled days turn into lust filled nights, and neither Maisie nor Hayes can deny their growing attraction. But Hayes knows love leads to heartbreak…. Can Maisie show him that their love is worth the risk?

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NOOK: https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0xNTI3NTgwMTg1NjkwMzc5MTQxJmM9ZDljNiZlPTMzMiZiPTQyNjUwMTEyNCZkPXQydTRtN3Q=.y7FEz7pu6ZRzifzKiCkyW0s–IUcwizH-KL5fhnpRtE

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GOOGLE: https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0xNTI3NTgwMTg1NjkwMzc5MTQxJmM9ZDljNiZlPTMzMiZiPTQyNjUwMTEzNiZkPXczcjhtN2Q=.sA_rb1eBfhqAFwJeSyB6ZlN9kc6_K3DkRy3deWHGpNs

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