My Bestie’s Ex (The Rooftop Crew Book 1) 

Blanca’s on a roll when she takes a job in a new town — and finds an unexpected connection with a sexy fellow commuter. The only problem? That man on the train just happens to be her roommate’s ex… A recent release from a USA Today bestselling author!

AMAZON: http://x4l5eTVIQXDnZ339LmgDtG4p2qEwRWCyvKJnI

NOOK: http://x4l5eTVIQXDnZ339LmgDtG4p2qEwRWCyvKJnI

APPLE: http://x4l5eTVIQXDnZ339LmgDtG4p2qEwRWCyvKJnI

Sinful Truth (Sinful Truths Book 1)

She saved me. Pulled me from the depths of the ocean. Siren—her name fits. Her beauty striking; her voice heavenly. But unlike the mythical version, Siren didn’t lure me to my death. She saved me. And now, seeing her about to be sold to the highest bidder, it’s my turn to save her.

AMAZON: https://mphClUvXjtV1CGt3JwoF_D_izo4=183

NOOK: https:///WsEQPqtKXQKo4b5K9GTGGbG1eug=183

APPLE: https://y6TJVu-f6x-cywkc-vUaWTwOCoE=183

KOBO: https:///Q2wBKzlup8ZQCCAkg0JPmshH0zw=183

GOOGLE: https://0T6BVbTxDVQMWov01pyHgrsBKjYQ=183

Fate’s Fools

She says she isn’t destined for love, that Fate doesn’t know she exists. But I plan to prove to her that Fate’s the biggest fool of all.

Until lately, life as a Gold dragon has been pretty easy. I’m living a rockstar’s dream with my best friend. We’ve even joined our favorite band of all time, Fate’s Fools, as its two newest members. It’s more than any guitar-playing dragon could hope for.

But one fine spring day I come face-to-face with what I’m missing–Deva, a gorgeous woman with a voice like a siren’s song. Suddenly so much more matters than our next gig, and I can tell I’m not the only one of the guys who thinks so. She’s magnificent, mysterious, and I can feel that she wants me too. Wants all of us. And she can stake her claim any way her heart desires; I’m the kind of dragon who’s down to share.

But something is keeping Deva at arm’s length. She’s got a secret. Something is haunting–and maybe even hunting–her. And while she may be willing to give up her body any way I please, getting her to give up that secret is going to take a lot more work.

It’s a good thing the five of us are up for a challenge.

AMAZON: https://6740071999995904/6723039014158336

Also available: Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google, iBooks, and Audible

Burning Road

My father’s political campaign revolved around destroying the Devil’s Cartel and cleansing the streets of Exeter. So I knew James Creed would always remain out of my reach…until he wasn’t.  He was gorgeous, rough, and lethal. And as his hot leather passionately clashed with my delicate cashmere, I knew I had a decision to make, and I was torn. Do I continue to live my mundane life of luxury or give it all up to rule Exeter’s underbelly?

Book 2 is up for pre-order on Amazon!

AMAZON: https://click?u=f0337dd6d7acee9de413eebf7&id=cf78725a73&e=ba578a105c

A Better Version Of Me

I don’t like him. His constant attempts at friendship and offers of going for a beer make me doubt his motives. Not to mention he’s way too clinical and kind, and I’m pretty sure he irons his jeans. We have nothing in common. And it’s not like we’re going to go out a few times and realize we actually find each other interesting. Besides, why would I need a gorgeous, strong, muscled, ex-drill sergeant who would be able to save me from a potentially dangerous situation…when I have cupcakes?

AMAZON: https://click?u=f0337dd6d7acee9de413eebf7&id=7b8b757169&e=ba578a105c

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