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Twelve countries. Twelve men. Twelve million dollars!

When Deacon Brady scored his dream job as the lead actor in an award-winning daytime soap opera, he had the entire world at his feet. Racking up an impressive list of awards and voted People Magazine’s sexiest man alive, the world was his oyster, and he was living it to the fullest at the top of the A-list.

But then everything changed …

The latest Global Financial Crisis, and the crash of Wall Street, not only leaves Deacon bankrupt, but single, depressed and millions in debt.

But when a TV producer approaches him on the street, he arranges a private meeting and makes Deacon a proposition too good to refuse.

With Deacon struggling to make ends meet, the producer offers him an opportunity that will not only pay off his debts, but provide a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that his daredevil heart can’t ignore.

The deal – Appear in the new reality TV show, Tainted Love. Travel to twelve countries, meet twelve sexy, single guys, and be paid twelve million dollars.

But the deal of a lifetime doesn’t come without a price.

He can’t allow himself to fall in love, or he risks losing not only the twelve million dollars, but his heart, in the process.

First stop – Sydney, Australia.

The Grecian is AVAILABLE NOW!
He’s the star of a hit reality show – but will he meet his match with Adonis?

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Royal Firsts: Royal Romance

Royal romance that will make you blush, set you on the edge of your seat and make you laugh. Welcome to the Winston Isles where the men are alpha, and the women know how to kick butt. 

Three sexy, siblings, one royal conspiracy. 

*This collection features the first books in each series.* 

Cheeky Royal – Penny is the worst Royal Guard known to the Winston Isles. She’s just as surprised as everyone else when the King sends her on a secret mission to protect the cocky erstwhile prince. One catch, she can’t tell him who she really is. 

Royal Bastard – Lucas might be a newfound prince, but he’s still a conman at heart. And nowhere near ready to say goodbye to the good times. So when his brother, the king, asks him to look after a diplomat’s daughter, he can’t say no fast enough. Until she makes him an offer can’t refuse. 

Royal Tease – Once upon a time, Roone threw a princess over his shoulder and carried her out of a bar fight. On orders of the king of course. Jessa has carried that grudge ever since. She’s uncooperative on her best days. Feisty. Stubborn. Kissable. Not a word he’d ever tell his best friend, the king. Because he’s been sent undercover to protect her she can’t know he is.

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Merry Me (A Holiday Romance Novel Book 1)

He never knew a simple gift left on his porch step would mend his wounded heart.

Hiding his dislike for the holidays isn’t easy, especially when Chief Elliot Duncan meets a woman who captures his attention with one sweet smile. Lynn Carpenter is beautiful, strong-willed, hardworking, and he doesn’t know how to return her gift that was left on his porch by mistake. As Christmas approaches, it doesn’t take much for the holiday spirit to seep in, not when Lynn makes it so effortless with her excitement. The only thing he wants for Christmas this year is her heart. But between his meddling father and the need to take care of her, something she passionately resists, he knows it won’t be that simple. He’s up for the challenge, because losing Lynn is unacceptable.

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