99¢ Sales

Built for Trouble (Built for Love Book 2)

Can love win against all odds? Katy has always been attracted to Joe, but he made her best friends life hell when they were at school. Can the man prove that the boy has grown up and changed?

AMAZON: https://u=eadbedaeb9701fbe55f76b777&id=3cab8a8e8c&e=c8bb0e1bd8

The Prince’s Devious Proposal (Romantic Royal Mysteries Book 2) 

He sweeps into her life a handsome stranger, Then, she learns he’s a prince. And now, out of the blue, a proposal of marriage? The revelations just keep coming!

AMAZON: https://u=eadbedaeb9701fbe55f76b777&id=37b0876e2c&e=c8bb0e1bd8



Spite Club (Mason Brothers Book 1)

First Rule of Spite Club: Don’t fall for your fake boyfriend. Here’s what happened: My boyfriend cheated on me with Nick Mason’s girlfriend. We’re both angry. What better way to get revenge than to pretend to get toge…

AMAZON: https://u=eadbedaeb9701fbe55f76b777&id=7148b9e11f&e=c8bb0e1bd8

A Hero’s Heart: Resolution Ranch

A broken soldier looking for a second chance…Reeling from his best friend’s suicide, former Army Ranger Sterling Walker comes home to Prairie to be foreman at the brand new Resolution Ranch. His focus should be on putting…

AMAZON: https://u=eadbedaeb9701fbe55f76b777&id=8c9b0a8d8f&e=c8bb0e1bd8

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