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இ ☠️  Copper ☠️ இ

Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥 Tulsa, OK Chapter 🔥

Author: K Webster

Genre: Dark MC Romance

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I’m a Fed.

Rigid. Rule follower. One of the good guys.

I uphold the law…when it suits me.

My loyalty lies first with my brother, Koyn, and secondly with his motorcycle club.

Jeremy Koynakov was the man I used to be.

I’m Copper now.  

For a decade, I aided my brother in his quest for revenge.  

We thirsted for vengeance. Hunted the villains together. Killed when necessary.

He finally found some semblance of peace in a mouthy pageant girl, and all was right in our screwed-up world.

But a certain blonde within our ranks ruined everything.

Tried to wreck our home, our lives, and our freedom.

She betrayed us.

Because of me.

It’s my responsibility to deal with this little storm who was set on destroying our world.

I could end her. It’d be easier. Simple and clean.  

But that’s not the MC way.

We pride ourselves on being brutal and messy.

For a man who’s spent the better part of ten years, aching to make those suffer who’ve wronged my family, it’s a simple choice: Take her. Punish her. Make her pay.

I’m done following rules.  

That time of my life is over.

I’ll finally patch in and become how I’ve been groomed to be.  

I’m ready to embrace this new life where I’m not a good guy…

Every villain needs a pet.

And she just became mine.


And the mayhem continues! This starts out hot and doesn’t quite with the dirty Fed and the undercover traitor of the MC. That Stormy is something else. Not afraid to use her body to get what she wants. But it goes wrong when she decides to blow her cover to save a friend and she’s outnumbered. The MC is out for her blood but the dirty Fed and brother of the Prez steps in. Copper is not a MC brother but he’s family so when he says Stormy is his problem, Prez Koyn let’s it go. That begins a intense game of captive and captor. The chemistry between Stormy and Copper has been building for awhile and Stormy plans on using it to escape. But she’s says the wrong thing and Copper is done. The MC along with Copper have a new target to go after that involves Dragon’s mysterious past. As Copper and Stormy works together to uncover the enemies and take them down the chemistry is popping again. It doesn’t take long for Stormy to realize there’s more to Copper than just his dirty deeds. He’s smoking hot and ready to take his “little storm” for a wild ride! I love Stormy with her ball-busting attitude and fearlessness. She’s brains and beauty. The danger ramps up when Dragon along with Stormy and her siblings are caught in the dark web business that has Copper and the Royal Bastards coming to the rescue. Thrilling suspense and intrigue as the MC fights to bring down the evil baddies and give Dragon his revenge. I love this group of brothers and can’t wait for the next story in the series. Tulsa rocks! Koyn’s story that starts this Tulsa series is terrific and this second story is just as intense, dark, brutal and delicious. The romance is hot, the brotherhood outstanding and the storytelling thrilling. The ending gives a clue as to the next story with the demonic Dragon and baby prospect. It’s gonna be good!

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