FREE Series Starters & Spooky Stories!

Sizzly series starters! Three of books with hunky hot heroes sure to make you swoon.

A sexy, self-made, tech billionaire reuniting with the girl who got away sounds like it might be all right… start with Hank & Abby in Hard Crush. It’s a sexy second chance, high school reunion story and… Hank’s also the guy who built Wagner Arena (where the Slayers play.)

Skate into Slayers Hockey with a cranky AF hockey hunk with a life long grudge against his team captain… and a serious weakness for the guy’s little sister. The puck drops with Vaughn & Natalie in Dirty Secret. It’s a sexy secret crush, secret romance, rival’s little sister hockey romance.

Check out Matt and Nikki in Just Friends. It’s a best friends, secret crush, roommates romance that cranks up the heat. This is a series of rereleases from my first pen name, but both books in the series have been re-edited, expanded, and updated.

A ghosty, witchy, spell-casty Halloween love story…

Bar owner Kayla Sloane knows she has it good. Too good to complain about anything as trivial as her big brother’s over-protective streak or poor impulse control when it comes to judging her dates. After all, the guy’s a ghost—it’s not like his life turned out the way he planned either.

So Kayla can’t date. So what? The only man to make her want more moved away the day she met him, and a year later, she’s accepted her lack of love life for what it is.

Her meddling wanna-be-witch little sister though? Not so much.

Rafe Carpenter is a haunted man. For more than a year, he’s dreamed of Kayla’s smile, her laugh, and her sexy kiss. Now he’s back in Chicago, looking for a second chance with the woman he’s sure is The One.

Only Kayla isn’t convinced. She’s got a few concerns, including her non-traditional family. But Rafe’s a see-it-to-believe it guy—and he’s not seeing anything but how right they are together. Now he just needs to convince her.


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