IRRESISTIBLE BILLIONAIRES series is now on sale for 99¢!

Meet the five irresistible billionaires that readers everywhere are in love with! 

These confirmed bachelors aren’t looking for love, but sometimes life has other plans. Find out what happens when these powerful men are brought to their knees by the right women. 

Available for the very first time in a box set with the first 4 books in the series. 
Nothing But Trouble
All Shook Up
The Snow Ball
Work For It

AMAZON: https://NA6H2HAAOnWUd5sbOnpMEHrO5xEZEvEIb3-ScIUa9vI

APPLE: https://noDhZs2MGEypBhP3yu4Q8LXF1w4c9iBFuY6y3IpkDWY

NOOK: https://8fqYkljZ1NT-SpYezRyFUqVjy8Qb0tprtdc_yoE62cQ

KOBO: https://BWWEG_M-1HX6MGgS725b0lIW_dHhPV9nQp5pcdKdAzU

GOOGLE: https://pjStkkGAh59VUFk-O8jkG_gcIlgoPQVqc1Z7SY4v2Jc

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