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Five standalone dark mafia novels in the bestselling Syndicate series. Unleash the passion of FIVE dominant, powerful mob bosses.

AMAZON: https://YT0xNTM1ODg5MzQ5NTk2NDE5MjcxJmM9dzNuOCZlPTMzMiZiPTQzNDYxNzUyOCZkPXc0bTFoOHg=.MWWeNeunByL8aQ3eZiku6h9L8iCIbFgp8OhdQSJkfXs

This man is everything your mom warned you about.
I should be afraid of him.
I should keep my distance.
But talk about sexy – he’s a living, breathing, chiseled god.
When l meet his eyes for the first time, I know what’s behind them.
These were dark, angry, and full of demons.
Who cares if his past has damned him?
Who cares if his eyes say he could never love?
I’ll suffer in silence, let him pierce my heart till I bleed out knowing he’ll never feel the same way.
Or could he?

I’m a powerful criminal.
I know fire when I see it.
Valerie is too feisty for her own good.
I bring the world down to its knees.
But she isn’t scared of me.
Not yet.
She hasn’t seen the real face behind this mask.
The man that I’m capable of turning into.
But she does trigger the monster within me.
One that will devour her until she submits herself completely to me.

Did I make a mistake laying eyes on Natasha?
F”ck no.
My cracked little Fabergé egg with baby blue eyes and curves that shook my soul.
Hot as hell, but why is her touch icy cold?
Her ocean eyes tell me she’s hurt. Tormented. Neglected.
Still, I want her.
Her heart, like her soul, is dead.
In that, her and I are the same.
I’ve always liked to take risks, play with fire
But I won’t watch as the flames get higher.
Demons lie in whispers of her past, but I’m her future.
Just before I find her heart, she finds another secret.
Secrets that could shatter everything.
I’ll fight. Until the ashes of her past turn to dirt.
It’s time she learned, pretty things aren’t meant to be broken.
But can I save her from herself?
Or will her demons tear her apart in the process?

What was the meaning of the human connection? 
When my one constant dissolved in my palms to ash, I found the answer to that question. True, it required a total upheaval of my life, but- hey, my goals weren’t all that great, anyway. 
In that moment, I lost everything that had been and found what could be. 
Seattle was supposed to be a new beginning. A silvering city on the water, where I spent months finding myself and what I wanted- truly wanted. 
And then… I found her. A stroke of luck on the back of a mindless decision, she came into my life like a storm determined to run its path. 

There were a lot of things in my life I regret but taking that walk that night wasn’t one of them. 
I was tired. I was ready. I was stuck in an endless loop with no way to escape. 
After the shit of the past years, I could waste away in this room and be happy to do so. 
But I wasn’t alone, and her… she didn’t deserve this terror. She didn’t deserve this incompetency. 
Me- I spent my life knowing this day might come, and I was ready.

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